Seed Treatment
Seed Treatment

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In the fall of 2013, Ag-Land FS made the decision to vastly expand their soybean treatment capabilities. For the past several years Ag-Land FS had a portable treater to apply fungicide, insecticide, and inoculant to customer's soybean seed. It was decided to put in a permanent, full-scale seed treater to provide this service to more customers.


 During the planning stage of the project, several locations were looked at to place the new facility. After looking at three current Ag-Land FS locations, the Lincoln location was chosen. This location provides many benefits. One is the warehouse located across the rail road tracks that provides ample space for seed storage and the ability to be remodeled to accommodate the treatment room. Another benefit of the Lincoln location is the proximity to Interstate 155 to allow for seed distribution to other Ag-Land FS locations.

The treatment facility equipment and layout planning was done in conjecture with Growmark Facility Planning department. The planning took place over a 3-month period. Ag-Land FS decided to purchase & install a fully automated KSI 4800NGA applicator. This treatment applicator has
a 4 port atomizer for more uniform treatment coverage. A single touchscreen computer controls the entire system, and is fully automated.

Seed care and gentle handling was a top concern while designing the system. Seed letdown ladders are installed where there is a greater than 
3 foot seed drop to ensure gentle handling. Cleated belt conveyors are used to move seed throughout the system. 

Ag-Land FS also installed four 3000 unit bulk seed bins to handle true bulk seed delivery. These bins also have temperature sensor that monitor
the internal temperature and send an alert if a hot spot is detected. Aeration fans are attached to the bins to regulate seed temperature.



After months of planning, remodeling, and installation the new facility treated it's maiden bag of soybeans on April 10, 2014. For the 2014 season,
Ag-Land FS treated over 15,000 units of soybeans for its customers. This number is expected to double for 2015.


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