Ag-Land FS Seed
One of the most important decisions you make as a grower each year is what seed to plant. That decision will set the stage of your yield potential. The Crop Specialists at Ag-Land FS will help you navigate through the seed selection process.   Seed selection and placement is part science and part art.  Ag-Land FS Crop Specialists are industry leaders at knowing where and at what populations to achieve the desired yield. At times, seed choices can seem endless; what hybrid, trait package, or seed treatment. Our Crop Specialists have industry leading experience to match the best seed to meet your yield goals. Ag-Land FS carries three leading seed brands: Delkab/Asgrow; FS InVision/FS HiSOY; and NK Brand Seed. Talk to an Ag-Land FS Crop Specialist today about putting a seed package together to realize your top-end yields.
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