U.A.V. Technology
U.A.V. Technology


                                                                                   U.A.V. Technology

Ag-Land FS is committed to being at the forefront of agricultural technologyWhether it's GPS guidance, variable rate application, or wireless data transfer, Ag-Land FS understands and believes in the value this technology can offer our customers. 

One of the newest, and most discussed, technologies in agriculture is unmanned aerial vehicles or U.A.V. U.A.V's come in many different sizes and shapes, but the most common are fixed wing and quad copters. As in the past, Ag-Land FS has committed to this new area of agriculture technology. In the fall of 2014, Ag-Land FS purchased it's first U.A.V. The model that was purchased is a DJI Phantom II quad copter.  ​This ship
carries a GoPro3 black camera on a 3D gimbal that keeps the camera stable for crisp, clear pictures. The camera is capable of taking a picture in single, time lapse, and burst modes as well as video in 1080p quality. The Phantom II can be flown in manual mode and via waypoint navigation.
An iPad app allows an operator to develop a pre-planned flight path that allows for further flights.

Ag-Land FS has used the technology to capture a bird's eye view of fields to look for anything from Nitrogen deficiency to weed control.  Having the ability to see an entire field from the air gives our customers an in-depth view of their fields.

While U.A.V technology is exciting, it is in its infancy. The ships will evolve to fly longer and faster, along with higher payload abilities. The cameras will improve and allow us to capture high resolution color, NDVI, and thermal images. As with other agricultural technologies, Ag-Land FS will be a leader in adopting and providing these to its customers.