Green Plan Solutions

FS Green Plan Solutions represents the best agronomic solutions for seed, crop protection and fertility made in partnership between a producer and his trusted FS Crop Specialist.

FS Green Plan Solutions is unique because of the FS Crop Specialists' commitment to support each producer with agronomic recommendations that are in the producer's best interests.

  • Enhanced farm profitability through the best agronomic solutions.
  • Trusted team including FS Crop Specialists, trained custom applicators, plant managers and technical support specialists.
  • Complete agronomic recommendations for seed, crop protection and fertility.
  • Local information based solutions that take into account the producer's farming practices and his field's production potential.

FS Green Plan Solutions Maximizing Every Acre
Using information gathered from field production histories, FS Crop Specialists help producers determine the potential for each acre, and then develop crop production plans that identify the farming practices and products that will maximize the production from each acre.

FS Green Plan Solutions On-Farm Discovery
Experimental trails provide answers to specific questions growers have about how changes in farming practices or crop inputs will impact production.

FS Green Plan Solutions On-Farm Discovery Pursuit of Maximum Yields
FS Crop Specialists work with the producer to identify the combination of farming practices and agronomic products that will push test acres to their maximum production level.


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