Annual Turf Maintenance Timetable
Annual Turf Maintenance Timetable:
Mid-March   13-0-0 .15% Dimension (crabgrass preventer 50# bag/12,500ft2)
Early May     25-0-5 50% UFLEXX (fertilizer only application 50# bag/12,500ft2)
                       (Spray Triplet Herbicide to control broadleaf weeds 1 oz./gallon of water or 3-4 pints
                        per acre)     
Mid-June       25-0-5 50% UFLEXX (fertilizer only application 50# bag/12,500ft2)
Early July      15-0-5 .2% Mallet or Merit (Grub control and light rate of fertilizer...50# bag/14,200ft2)
Late August   25-0-5 50% UFLEXX (fertilizer only application 50# bag/12,500ft2).  Be cautious of
                        applying during hot and droughty conditions as injury to the grass can occur.
Labor Day     Remember this timeframe is the best time of the year to do any grass seeding.  Seeding 
                       in the fall enables the homeowner to use a crabgrass preventer, such as Dimension,  the
                       following spring (early).
October         25-0-5 50% UFLEXX (fertilizer only application 50# bag/12,500ft2). This is the most 
                       important fertilizer application of the year. This enables the plants to store nutrients in the
                       crown and root system for use in the following spring.
Mid-October to Mid-November  This is the best time to effectively control perennial broadleaf 
                      weeds (i.e. dandelions, clover and other problem turf broadleaf weeds). Try to pick a  
                      sunny day but don't be concerned with cooler temperatures. In the fall, the cooler
                      temperatures trigger the plant to trasfer nutrients to the root system for winter. In
                      addition, the herbicide applied at this time of year is also more readily translocated to the
                      root system for which results in a better kill.


13-0-0 .15% Dimension  This is the first application of the year and contains Dimension which is a crabgrass germination inhibitor.  A unique feature of Dimension is that it will control crabgrass after germination until it tillers.  It also will prevent new dandelions from germination but will have no effect on established dandelions.  Do not seed for a minimum of 2 months after applying Dimension as the new seeds WILL NOT germinate. (50# bag/12,500ft2)
25-0-5 50% UFLEXX  This is used in established turf for primarily boosting growth with Nitrogen. Use the 50% SCU (Sulfur Coated Urea) to keep from burning grass and slowly releasing Nitrogen over a period of time.  Always use a slow release form of Nitrogen when temperatures start to warm up. (50# bag/12,500ft2)
15-0-5 .2% Mallet or Merit  This is a grub control treatment with a light rate of fertilizer.  It's recommended to be applied at the end of June/first of July to coincide with the grub larvae timing.  (50# bag/14,2002)
14-24-9 33% SCU = This is used as a starter fertilizer or late fall “winterizer” fertilizer.  The increased Phosphorus promotes root and shoot development which is beneficial in new seeding.  In addition, the 33% SCU (slow release) Nitrogen makes burn less likely and extends the release of the Nitrogen. (50# bag/12,500ft2)
In both cases, typical application rates are 1- 50# bag/12,500ft2 or 4#/1000ft2.