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In-Season Enlist Applications

  • While 2,4-D is an old herbicide, its application post emergent to soybeans is new.
  • The Enlist E3™ trait confers tolerances for post emergent applications of glyphosate, 2,4-D Choline and glufosinate, for control of problematic, tough-to-control weeds.
  • Enlist™ soybeans are another useful tool with flexibility for in-crop control of herbicide resistant weeds like waterhemp and marestail.
  • Following the application stewardship guidelines regarding weed height, spraying techniques, approved tank mix partners and growth stage cutoffs, is paramount to the success of this technology.

In 2019 the first triple-stacked herbicide tolerant soybean was fully approved for export. That triple-stacked soybean trait was the Enlist E3 platform, conferring tolerance to glyphosate, glufosinate and 2,4-D. With any new technology comes a learning curve that is required to provide successful weed control and to steward this technology for years to come. The labels of Enlist products have a few additional guidelines regarding weed height, application techniques, and approved tank mix partners and adjuvants.

Although Enlist E3™ soybeans were approved and grown in 2019, a full launch did not happen until 2020. Two formulated products are approved for use on E3 soybeans; Enlist One™ Herbicide with Colex D® Technology and Enlist Duo® Herbicide with Colex D® Technology. Enlist One™ is a straight-good product containing 2,4-D choline, an improved lower volatility formulation over older formulations commonly used. Enlist Duo® is a premix of 2,4-D choline plus glyphosate. To obtain optimum weed control on herbicide resistant species like waterhemp and marestail and reduce selection pressure on one herbicide site of action, glufosinate (Liberty®) can be tank mixed with Enlist One™. However, Liberty is not a labeled tank mix partner with Enlist Duo®. 

Weed height: The labels of Enlist One™ and Enlist Duo® herbicides permits spraying weeds up to four inches in height.  The smaller the weed, the easier it is to manage.  If weeds are taller than four inches, the desired level of control may not be reached.  This ultimately may reduce weed control and expedite the evolution of resistance to these new 2,4-D formulations.  

Application techniques: One of the biggest goals of all pesticide sprays is to apply the product to the target field and avoid movement to non-target fields/areas. To limit the potential for off-target movement of spray particles, it is extremely important to fully understand the label requirements for Enlist One™ or Enlist Duo®.  The language regarding buffers, nozzle selection, boom height, wind speed, and environmental conditions must be followed as listed on the herbicide label.  By choosing a nozzle that limits driftable fines, keeping the boom low, spraying within the target wind speed, and making applications when a temperature inversion is absent, will help reduce the risk of off-target movement and ultimately result in greater weed control.  

Approved tank mix partners: Always read the Enlist One™ and Enlist Duo® labels to see which products and adjuvants can be mixed together.  For a product to be approved with Enlist One™ or Enlist Duo®, it cannot increase particle drift or negatively influence the application in any way. Check the website for the products and adjuvants that will be sprayed and only use approved tank mix partners.  

Mixing Sequence: When mixing Enlist One™ with glyphosate or Liberty®, the mixing order is crucial to having a homogenous spray solution. Use a sequence mixing technique; add each product individually and flush with water prior to adding the next product. If tank-mixing Enlist One™ with glyphosate and Liberty®, add each product individually in this order: Enlist One™, then flush with water before adding the glyphosate, and finally flush with water before adding Liberty®. Always remember to sequence mix and not batch mix.

Growth Stage Cutoff: Enlist One™ and Enlist Duo® herbicides can be applied postemergence up to the R2 growth stage, also known as full bloom. When tank mixing approved tank mix partners, be sure to follow the most restrictive label. If tank mixing Enlist One™ with Liberty®, the application can be applied up to the R1 growth stage, or first flower. 

Before making any applications, be sure to fully read and understand the herbicide label.  By following the label, we help to steward this technology for many years to come. If you have any questions about the Enlist™ system or application parameters contact your local FS Crop Specialist.

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